Funky16Corners Radio Show Episode #495 – Airdate 12/02/19


Show #495 Originally broadcast 12/02/2019

James Brown – It’s a New Day Pts 1&2 (King)
JBs – The Grunt (King)
Fred Wesley and the Horny Horns – Up For the Down Stroke (Atlantic)

African Music Machine – Black Water Gold (Soul Power) 
Carl Carlton – Wild Child (Back Beat) 
Jake Wade and the Soul Searchers – Searching For Soul Pt1 (Mutt)
Jimmy and Vella – Chic A Boom (Atlantic) 

Barkays – Son Of Shaft (Volt) 
Aaron Chico Bailey and the Family Affair Band – The Point (Kris)
Denny Greene – Lonely Town Lonely Street (Buddah) 
Sweet Music – I Get Lifted (Wand) 

Reggie Milner – Soul Machine (Volt)
Freddie Scott and the Four Steps – Same Ole Beat (Marlin) 
Lavell Kamma and the Afro Soul Review – Soft Soul (Tupelo Sound) 
Inez and Charlie Foxx’s Swinging Mocking Band – Shimmy (Dynamo)
Pop Ups – Lurking (HBR) 


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